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About White Dragon Shipping

We – the White Dragon Shipping – are created to share your care with ours. The experience that our command has gained in the course of a long period of time, our skills to solve complicated situations and the ability to ensure a high level of logistics will facilitate your trouble about the successful process of the export and import operations of your cargo.

The traditions of White Dragon Shipping started at the beginning of the 90-ies when the president of our company went to Hong Kong to send the first containers to the Baltic States. We haven’t lost our private attitude towards our clients in the course of these years. Our experience and options have become wider and at the moment it’s not only Asia where we can insure our service. In the course of the last five years we have opened new service nets in the USA, South America and Canada.

We have established an excellent cargo service from door to door by now. As the command White Dragon Shipping has formed a well organized infrastructure to go through the customs formalities and the cargo delivery from the port to the client’s door, we have an opportunity to manage our services in a short period of time.

And at last – relieve the everyday life of your company, do what you really like and let your worries to the shipping professionals!


Pitaya, Pitahaya



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